Greetings from Head Coach Adrian Hwang

Hi Guppies!
Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone! Get excited for the new year! Attached is the 2017 practice and race schedule. It’s fairly detailed but we have summarized it below.
Races We’ll Be Going To:
Arizona DB Festival (Tempe, AZ): March 25-26
Baby Long Beach (Long Beach, CA): April 23
Lake Las Vegas Race (Henderson, Nevada): May 20-21
Big Long Beach Race (Long Beach, CA): July 29-30
Lake Merritt Race (Oakland, CA): September 23-24
San Diego Race (San Diego, CA): September 30-October 1
**We will only go to either the Lake Merritt Race or the San Diego Race. The board will be sending out evites for these two particular races later in the year**
Practice Schedule
We decided to change the practice schedule. After taking a hard look at this past year’s back-to-back practice schedule, we concluded that having back-to-back practice was not benefiting the team as a whole. Therefore, we will remove that portion of the practice and focus everyone on working together as a single organism. The rest of the practice schedule will remain the same!
8:30am – 9:30am: Meet at the Tree, Warm Up, Land Workout
9:30am – 11:00am: Water Practice
In June, our water time practices will be cut down to 1-hour slots. Practices will change to this schedule below from June 3rd to July 23rd.
8:30am-10am: Meet at the Tree, Warm Up, Land Workout
10:00am – 11:00am: Water Practice
We will revert back to the normal practice schedule after the Big Long Beach Race.
Other Important Dates
Newbie Day: February 25th
No Practice: March 25th/March 26th
Newbie Day: April 29th
No Practice: August 5th/August 6th
Newbie Day: August 12th
See you all out on the water January 14th! Enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Head Coach and Coaching Staff

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