Welcome to Killer Guppies Dragon Boat Racing Team.  We are a competitive racing team who participates in the Southern California Dragon Boat Club year round.  If you are serious about teamwork, competition, fitness, and fun, then check us out!



The Early Years

The Killer Guppies was formed shortly before the 1999 Long Beach Festival. Given that the original line-up was a hodge-podge of those who weren’t on another team, the expectations were humble, and this was reflected in the unique name adopted by the team. Had anyone realized the team would still exist years later, perhaps the name would have been given more consideration. Or maybe not.

In 2000, the team became official with the first elected captain and matching jerseys. Along came a shiny gold medal in their division in the annual Long Beach Festival.  Not bad for a team of mixed paddlers. Out-of-town tournaments began to take flight with a trip to Northern California for the SF Dragon Boat Festival.

In 2001, we refined our technique with our first dedicated head coach.  KG really started to spread its wings and compete internationally for the first time, traveling to Vancouver for the biggest festival in North America: Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival.  We were transitioning to become one of the top teams in California.

A Merger in the Making

The Cerritos Dragons was formed in 1996 by a group of Chinese school teachers. The team competed at the recreational level in the local Long Beach races.  In 2005, the team grew more competitive and recruited from a broad region, changing their team name to California Golden Dragons.  In 2006, paddlers from CGD traveled with KG to the tournaments in Vancouver and San Francisco.  This was the start of a beautiful relationship.  The two teams merged and retained the name; the Killer Guppies.

Ongoing Dedication

The Killer Guppies continue to compete at all levels while being fortunate to bring home hardware when hard work meets perseverance.  It is a team where all paddlers are inspired by their teammates to push their limits and grow stronger.  Our dedication and supportive atmosphere attracts paddlers who wish to elevate their game. We aren’t recognized just for our name, but for competing with and against the best dragon boat teams out there.


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in the Killer Guppies Dragon Boat Team. We welcome your questions, comments and inquiries. Get in touch with us at info@killerguppies.org.

Message from Coach

Hi Guppies!
Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone! Get excited for the new year! Below is a summary of the 2018 practice and race schedule.
Races We’ll Be Going To:
Arizona DB Festival (Tempe, AZ): March 24-25
Baby Long Beach (Long Beach, CA): April 22
3rd Annual Nevada Int’l Dragonboat Festival (Henderson, NV): May 19
Big Long Beach Race (Long Beach, CA): July 28-29
Portland/Montana Race: TBA
**We will only go to either the Portland or Montana. The board will be sending out evites for these two particular races later in the year**
Practice Schedule
We decided to change the practice schedule. After taking a hard look at this past year’s back-to-back practice schedule, we concluded that having back-to-back practice was not benefiting the team as a whole. Therefore, we will remove that portion of the practice and focus everyone on working together as a single organism. The rest of the practice schedule will remain the same!
8:30am – 9:30am: Meet at the Tree, Warm Up, Land Workout
9:30am – 11:00am: Water Practice
In June, our water time practices will be cut down to 1-hour slots.
8:30am-10am: Meet at the Tree, Warm Up, Land Workout
10:00am – 11:00am: Water Practice
We will revert back to the normal practice schedule after the Big Long Beach Race.
Other Important Dates
Newbie Day: February 10th
Newbie Day: TBA
Newbie Day: TBA
See you all out on the water! Enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Head Coach and Coaching Staff